Custom silhouette hand-cuts are painstakingly created with artistic tastes and precision to deliver a one-of-a-kind memento.

Custom Handmade Silhouettes by Elle | Press Releases

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New way to decorate the house interior is finally available. Instead of using the expensive wall-hanging paintings, now people can choose handmade silhouettes by Elle as an alternative option.

Silhouette by Elle

It is always a good thing to decorate the interior space at home with something beautiful, as it will give a fresh look to the entire area while at the same time also provide positive ambience to everyone living in it. Among so many kinds of home interior decorations available in the market, people need to be really selective when choosing one suitable to their needs and budgets. The fact is not all kinds of decorations are suitable for every home. For example, modern homes should consider something that looks clean, minimalist, and bold so it will match the existing decoration concept of the house.

Custom silhouettes

For modern home owners who are looking for a new fresh thing to decorate their interior with, they can visit This online store is representing new revolutionary ‪#‎vintage‬ paper-cut ‪#‎silhouette by Elle Yi, a professional paper artist. This Etsy store is mainly offering hand cut paper silhouettes which can be used as a nice way to decorate the home interior. As professional #papercraft artist, Elle Yi is more than capable of recreating stunning art with hand cut black silhouettes paper as a medium. Clients can order #customportraits in a form of black silhouettes which will work nicely as a finishing touch to decorate the house or office space with.


Question to Elle: What was your most encouraging sales or interaction with customers?

Elle: I've had so many! I love seeing the nice comments left on my feedback. What I really loved is when I receive feedbacks from my customers telling me how much they love their purchase - that makes my day. For them to take the time to let me know is so thoughtful.


" Elle did an outstanding job matching silhouette's from 30 years ago and producing a set for the next generation of family members. My Mom cried when she opened them on Christmas and just loved them! Thanks so much." Jennifer Yeager testified


Whether it's the portrait of the beloved kids, wedding photos, and even the pets’ snapshots, Elle will always be there to turn the ordinary photos into something highly artistic with a great value of decoration. Elle Yi isn't a new silhouette artist, so that she can claim that there is no job that is too hard yet too simple for her to handle. Any request and order from clients will be elaborated seriously by her as well as also her team in the workshop, just to ensure the quality of the hand painted final product will be beyond the clients' expectations. Elle has never failed to amaze her clients with her amazing artwork results.

About Silhouettes by Elle

Elle has been in the fashion industry for many years now with her previous focus is to provide her talent for people in New York. Now as she decided to go international, Elle is now accepting requests and orders of the custom portrait silhouette from anyone around the globe. Her website had just launched aiming to make everything a lot easier and simpler for anyone living outside the NY to be able to access and contact her whenever they want to. Celebrating life as a mother of 3 beautiful children, Elle also shares her passion for parenting and creativity on her parenting blog. For more information please visit Elle’s online store at

 Custom Handmade Silhouettes by Elle | Press Releases



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