Custom silhouette hand-cuts are painstakingly created with artistic tastes and precision to deliver a one-of-a-kind memento.

An Introduction of Scissor Noir

Posted by Elle Y on

After much planning, decorating, sourcing, packaging, pricing, and more, it was time to launch.

Celebrating with a small party for friends, family, and everyone in between, we finally shared our second brand, Scissor Noir and painting products with the world. There’s no one way to start a business, so it was great to see everyone that helped us find our own way here in one room with us.

Our launch was the perfect time to showcase our new collections and share some of our stories. Each collection and product is created using the finest materials, and designed exclusively for you.

Our signature collection will soon grow into seasonal collections, and we’re hoping to offer more and more unique products as we get bigger and better. We just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us on our journey, and we can’t wait to share our new products and ideas with you very soon.

Stay updated on our upcoming news and events here, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See you soon!



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