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How to take Silhouette Pictures

Posted by Elle Y on

Q: How to take Silhouette Pictures?

A: The photo should have the subject as fully in the frame as possible. I want to see his/her full head and neck. Background is not a big deal.

The silhouette will turn out the best if your subject is looking directly ahead in full profile (with his/her head fully turned to the side), “WITHOUT SMILING” - unless you are okay with an open mouth in the final art.

Take the photo at the same level as the subject and shoot the photo straight on without angling the camera/smartphone up or down.

I always try my best to make your photo work and will let you know if your photo isn't good enough to turn into an art. Also, I know that little ones move around a lot, and aren't so great with standing still. When you're trying to take a photograph of your little ones, try getting them occupied with the television or other such muses so you can more easily capture their sweet little relaxed silhouette. When in doubt, send your pictures along, and I’ll let you know if it'll work! 


  • silhouettesbyelle[[at]]
    Please send me a side profile photo of the person you wish to have in the silhouette. You will receive your proof within 3 -5 days.

    Elle on

  • What email address should I send photo to?

    Judy KIerstein on

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