Custom silhouette hand-cuts are painstakingly created with artistic tastes and precision to deliver a one-of-a-kind memento.

Custom Silhouette Wall Art - Bevel Glass Oval Framed

Silhouettes by Elle

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Commemorate your love for your child, with a custom silhouette picture. Each piece is cut by hand and made to capture the details of your loved one's profile with beauty and accuracy. The artistry of each silhouette comes through, giving you a collectible keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Unlike digital prints, hand-cut silhouettes are painstakingly created with skill and precision to deliver a one-of-a-kind memento. These breathtaking pieces of art are the perfect option as milestones, including weddings and graduations. Options are available for pets, couples and individuals, allowing for a silhouette made for every member of your family.

Add an artistically unique and personalized touch to your silhouette art, with my handwritten Copperplate script with a pointed pen calligraphy. If you wish, names or quotes can be customized with English Roundhand calligraphy on the bottom with archival ink.

It has been very challenging to find artistic oval frames for my silhouette art. I have created my own oval frame that is inspired by modern victorian styles.

This handmade oval frame is 100% done by me with the inspiration and intensive research of silhouette art history. The 6" by 9" oval bevel is wrapped with antique decorating edge and soldered giving a vintage gold border. Loop is attached for hanging on the wall. These 6" X 9" ovals (3/16" glass with 1/2" bevel) are hand beveled with the top quality.

All the silhouette art including oval frame offered are made to order in New York.

How do I order?
1. Place your order through
2. Send me a side profile photo of the person you wish to have in the silhouette. You will receive your proof within 3 days.
3. Upon your approval, the finished portrait will be shipped via USPS. The shipping estimate is 5 - 7 days within USA

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